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Campaigning in Florida comes down to micro-targeting Latino communities

Ahead of the state’s primary, a gubernatorial candidate’s Hispanic outreach includes ads with voices from different Latino groups to court the diverse voting bloc. Voters wait in line to cast their ballots during early voting at the Miami-Dade County Election Department in Miami on Oct. 21, 2020. MIAMI — Ahead of the upcoming Florida primaries, […]

An Oval Office incident from 2019 perfectly illustrates Trump’s approach to state secrets, say ex intel officials

“He said, ‘Look, I’m the president, I can declassify anything,’” according to a former official.  President Donald Trump speaks in the Oval Office on Sept. 4, 2020. Senior intelligence officials realized early on that President Donald Trump wasn’t going to read even short written summaries of his regular intelligence briefings. So the CIA officers who […]

Liz Cheney is the last stop on Trump’s impeachment revenge tour. But he is the key to her future.

“Nobody would piss off the entire state of Wyoming without another plan,” said Kasey Mateosky, a Republican running for a county commissioner spot. JACKSON, Wyo. — Rep. Liz Cheney’s supporters have mixed feelings about the brutal defeat likely heading her way in Tuesday’s Republican primary: resignation about her fate, pride in her for standing up […]